Yangling, Shaanxi–Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corp. (OTCQB: KWBT) (“Kiwa Bio-Tech” or “the Company”), an emerging agricultural company that develops, manufactures and sells bio-fertilizers is pleased to announce that the Company’s strategic partner, “Living Green” is expanding its business into the United Arab Emirates.

From December 24th to 28th, 2018, organized by China Yangling Demonstration Zone Economic and Trade & Safety Supervision Bureau and co-organized by Shaanxi E-Commerce Industry Association, “Yangling Agricultural Science and Technology” Belt and Road Agricultural Products and Food Exhibition Contact Conference (the Conference), was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Forty seven purchasers from China Dubai Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Long Cheng Chamber of Commerce of Dubai, Dubai Northwest Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong Star Group, Dubai LUCY Group, and more than ten companies with import and export qualifications from the Yangling Demonstration Zone attended the Conference.

In order to transport the high-quality agricultural products produced according to Kiwa’s Trinity Agricultural Marketing Model (Retail Outlet Center——Patented Bio-fertilizer——Safe Produce Distribution) to the international agricultural products market, Mr. Wei Lu, the General Manager of Yangling Living Green Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. (Living Green), attended the Conference.

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Representatives participating in the “Yangling Agricultural Science and Technology” Belt and Road Dubai Station Agricultural Products and Food Exhibition Contact Conference.

During the Conference, Mr. Lu successively visited Al Aweer Fruit & Vegetable Market, Hong Kong Star Group’s large cold storage in Al Aweer Market, and Long Cheng Chamber of Commerce of Dubai, which gave an in-depth understanding of the local agricultural products market and cold storage operation knowledge.

At the Conference, Mr. Lu, General Manager of Yangling Living Green Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., took Kiwa’s Trinity Agricultural Marketing Model as the promotion project. On behalf of Living Green, Mr. Lu also signed strategic agreements with Hong Kong Star Group, Long Cheng Chamber of Commerce of Dubai on the export of agricultural products and the export of agricultural technology in facilities respectively.

Constantly exploring the international agricultural products market is an inevitable requirement for the successful implementation of Trinity Agricultural Marketing Model. The advancement of Living Green to Dubai agricultural products market not only broadens the export channels of international agricultural products, but also provides another important market guarantee for the rapid implementation of Trinity Agricultural Marketing Model.

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Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corp. (KWBT) is a publicly traded company with corporate headquarters in the Yangling, Shaanxi, China. The company develops, manufacture, markets and distributes innovative and environmentally safe bio-technological products for agriculture. Kiwa’s focus is to positively impact the environment by reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers that are being used by agricultural growers in China.

Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corp. products are covered by patent protection and are designed to enhance the quality of human life by increasing the value and productivity of agricultural crops.  

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