Yangling, Shaanxi— (January 27, 2019)––Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corp. (OTCQB: KWBT) (“Kiwa Bio-Tech” or “the Company”), an emerging agricultural company that develops, manufactures and sells bio-fertilizers is pleased to announce that the Company, Bank of China and Living Green are working together to lift farmers out of poverty by utilizing Kiwa’s Eco-friendly Agricultural Planting Program.

On January 19th, Kiwa’s Eco-friendly Agricultural Planting Program Helps Farmers Out Of Poverty Conference (the Conference), co-organized by Bank of China (BC), Kiwa Bio-Tech and Kiwa Bio-Tech’s strategic partner——Yangling Living Green Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. (Living Green), was held in Yangjiashan Village, Yangyu Town, Qian County, Shaanxi Province.

Mr. Jihong Zhang, Director of Technology Promotion Department, Mr. Guobin Shan and Mr. Baowen Chen, Manager of Purchasing Department of Living Green, led the 14 representatives of fruit farmers in Dahuaishu Village, Chunhua County, the Key Poverty Reduction Village of BC and Kiwa Bio-Tech, into Kiwa’s Eco-friendly Agricultural Demonstration Park——Qianfeng Grape Professional Cooperative (the Cooperative) in Qian County, to learn about vineyard management techniques.

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Under the leadership of Mr. Zengrong Liao (front row, third left), the Director of the Village Committee of Dahuaishu Village, the representatives of fruit farmers had an in-depth exchange with Mr. Xiaodong Shi (front row, first right), the Board Chairman of Qianfeng Grape Professional Cooperative and the Director of Kiwa’s Eco-friendly Agricultural Demonstration Park.

Under the leadership of Mr. Zengrong Liao, the Director of the Village Committee of Dahuaishu Village, the representatives of fruit farmers had an in-depth exchange with Mr. Xiaodong Shi, the Board Chairman of Qianfeng Grape Professional Cooperative and the Director of Kiwa’s Eco-friendly Agricultural Demonstration Park, on the problems of pest control, pruning, irrigation, bagging and the improvement of fruit commodity rate in the process of vineyard management.

Mr. Xiaodong Shi, the Board Chairman of Qianfeng Grape Professional Cooperative and the Director of Kiwa’s Eco-friendly Agricultural Demonstration Park, stated, “The Cooperative was established in July, 2009 and has encountered many difficulties in the past ten years of grape planting. In February, 2018, the Cooperative learned about the concept of Eco-friendly Agriculture from Kiwa Bio-Tech and cooperated with it to establish a Eco-friendly Agricultural Demonstration Park. Kiwa’s technical team provided technical support throughout the entire process, and Kiwa’s Eco-friendly Agricultural Planting Program was fully implemented in the Demonstration Park and achieved remarkable results. Up to now, the Cooperative grape planting area has reached 270 mu (approximately 18 hectare).”

“I hope that the fruit farmers of Dahuaishu Village can learn from the Cooperative’s advanced grape planting experience through the Conference. Under the guidance of Kiwa’s technical team, we will learn about the concept of Eco-friendly Agriculture, fertilization and pesticide standards, and adjust the structure of existing varieties in a market-oriented manner. Finally, through the scientific and standardized management of vineyards, we will build our own grape brands and increase the income of fruit farmers.” Mr. Zengrong Liao, the Director of the Village Committee of Dahuaishu Village, stated.

The Poverty Alleviation Project promoted by Bank of China and Kiwa Bio-Tech is mainly focus on the four counties of Chunhua, Yongshou, Changwu and Xunyi in the north of Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province. With the implementation of the Project, Kiwa Bio-Tech will provide a variety of services such as Eco-friendly Agricultural Planting Program, technical support, high-quality agricultural resources supply according to local conditions. It will help the Poverty Alleviation Project to be carried out effectively, ensuring that farmers in the region can steadily increase income through the development of agricultural industry.

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