Launchpad IR serves growing innovative businesses that are often new to the U.S. capital markets.  As such these companies are typically underserved by large traditional research firms, and their stock prices may not reflect their fair market value.

Launchpad IR helps to develop a Corporate Fact Sheet that defines the business, market opportunities, growth strategies, competitive advantages and investment considerations. This document helps to clarify the company’s mission, identify projected milestones, and refine growth strategies that can help garner support from accredited investors, retail broker/dealers, the financial media, and others. 

Launchpad IR can provide clients exposure to our long standing relationships with analysts and research firms. Because of the our relationships, companies will have an additional basis of credibility when being considered for research coverage.

  • Corporate Overviews

  • Initiation Reports

  • Event Driven Notes

  • Quarterly Reviews

  • Industry & Peer Analysis

  • Wide Distribution

Review Research Reports

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