Launchpad Investor Relations is a leader in emerging growth company corporate communications and investor relations. Our core business focuses on creating market awareness for domestic and international emerging growth companies.

With decades of hands-on corporate development experience and broad personal relationships including outreach in the private and public investment communities, we place our clients in front of the right decision-makers, market makers and financial gatekeepers – the ones who know your industry, care about your business.

Unlike traditional investor relations firms, Launchpad IR has no need to advertise its services. Our clients are referred to us by investment professionals because they understand that the rules of the game have changed. Investment bankers, retail brokerages and capital funds that focus on the micro-cap market understand the fragmented nature of the investor relations industry and the near obsolescence of reputable, performance-driven firms solely focused on small issuers.

Launchpad IR’s associates have the deepest contacts in the small-cap marketplace and because we have a vested interest in our clients’ success, we have become a trusted resource for portfolio managers, retail brokerages and investment bankers throughout the nation. When we put our contacts to work for our clients, the results are fast and undeniable.

We offer our clients a unique combination of strategic counsel, capital introductions and secondary market support services. Launchpad’s team is comprised of professionals with decades of Wall Street, investor relations and media experience. Coupled with a proactive partnering approach that aligns our interests with our clients’, Launchpad IR is the perfect starting point for early-stage companies seeking to build shareholder value.

Our years of experience allow us to guide your firm through the challenging and ever changing capital markets.  We allow you to not only take advantage of our relationships, but to also rely upon our experience to help get you company noticed in the crowded financial marketplace.

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Since 1994, the entities highlighted above have focused on maximizing enterprise value for stakeholders and shareholders in highly under-performing, under-capitalized and under-valued public and private companies. Many of these companies typically have broker/dealer equity or debt financing, venture capital, sweat equity, and/or toxic lending funding.

Our family group of entities have also assisted numerous emerging growth companies develop and execute their financial and capital formation strategies, access the capital markets as we provide the technology, digital marketing, social commerce, and formal and informal strategic alliances.

Since 1994, our family group of agencies has been involved in maximizing enterprise value for a large number of technology, life science, medical device, digital marketing, cyber security, consumer, and infrastructure companies. See our recent “case studies” @

The achievements and formal backgrounds of many of our current Partners are attached to this corporate memorandum.

Our agencies are located in the heart of New York City and we have numerous strategic partners.

See for additional partner details.

Stan Wunderlich and Brad Powers are accepting BOD positions for the next year.

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