Providing Key Introductions

Launchpad IR understands the entrepreneurial spirit of emerging growth companies. We believe that one of the greatest resources many small companies have, is their opportunity for growth, not necessarily their current assets.

Our unique understanding of the needs and challenges facing most emerging growth companies allows us to be a flexible partner that seeks to align its interest with each of our clients.

While most advisors are inflexible about compensation, our engagements can be project-based.  Because of this, Launchpad IR only accepts engagements from clients that allow us to share in future performance and our compensation requires an equity component.

While many of the nation’s finest investor relation executives have dedicated their careers to working with large established companies with institutional investor followings, Launchpad IR’s engagements are focused on micro-cap companies that need early-stage help and a more retail investor focus.

Each of our associates understands how to foster and incubate young companies through a variety of events and introductions. Through our years of experience across every conceivable industry and sector, we offer our clients a unique blend of strategic thinking, market intelligence and professional contacts that enables them to compete for mindshare and capital under all market conditions.

Creating Maximum Awareness 

Launchpad IR works alongside management to create the best possible communication solutions that can provide for long term market acceptance.  Call Launchpad IR today to discuss how we can become the resource that proviedes you firm the acess to the capital markets needed to bring awareness to your company's stock.