Update from Jack Brewer in Haiti - The Brewer Group

I'm still in Haiti. Here's and update from the ground:

We are locked and loaded with over 60,000 pounds of food, 1,500 Tin Roofing sheets, 2 pick up truck loads of medical supplies, 3-4 doctors, 10 generators, a mobile communication hub and JBF team members and volunteers ready to help the people of Saint Jean and the surrounding areas. We have also helped disperse thousands of Aquatabs today as a result of the tireless fundraising by Healthmax and Barrett Green! Gilbert and Panexus handled logistics in Haiti from airport to aid purchasing to transportation. Danielle and Jeffery were key in handling UN and security details. Andre Berto opened doors and has brought everyone hope, including myself. Ryan and Al have been working non stop capturing footage and editing pictures. Vince, Nick and their team of doctors and partners have dispersed medical aid and coordinated emergency health plans. YesJulz continues to help our story reach the masses. Clara worked day and night to secure our private plane, pilot and logistics for our medical delivery. The TBG staff has been critical with back office operations and marketing support while tracking my sleepless nights. Big ups to Alex for helping to get our crew started on our journey! CareMed and others for medical donations. Patrice has saved the day with numerous donations, transportation, generators and emergency communications capabilities! Chris Cottone has kept the donations coming and made a big impact on the ground. Tony P and Sanneh have helped us make an impact in Cite Soleil. Haitian American Caucus and their team on the ground in Saint Jean have been coordinating relief efforts along with us all week. Hundreds of JBF Worldwide supporters and donors have made generous contributions. 

Now it's time to deliver this critical aid as time is of the essence for so many who still have not received critical humanitarian aid. Our convoy of 12 vehicles is meeting at 5 a.m. to prepare for our 6 a.m. departure. Please keep us in your prayers and please continue to send us support and positive energy.

Donate at www.jbfworldwide.orf

Jack Brewer, M.Ed, M.B.ACEO & Portfolio Manager

The Brewer Group, Inc.