What The Market Is Missing About Surge Holdings

Surge Holdings (SURG) is up 35% since I wrote about it two months ago. Is there more room to run? The short answer is yes, both short-term and long-term. I want to cover some exciting new developments that will increase shareholder value. As I examine Surge more closely, I still feel that the market largely missing the huge play here. What is the market missing?

Surge Holdings is currently establishing themselves as a national supply and distribution channel for corner markets. They are rolling out across the country as we speak and should be in 40,000 locations by the end of 2019. And that’s just the start. Once established, they will exercise vast influence and control over this national network of corner stores. That’s the big play.

What might investors be focusing on instead? Perhaps people are eagerly anticipating how the market will receive the various Surge-branded products and services. So am I. Will people embrace a free monthly cellular plan that is subsidized through ads? Will the unbanked get the point of the pre-paid debit card and use it like a checking account? It is exciting to contemplate because if the market even modestly embraces these products, the market cap of Surge could be at $3 billion dollars over the next few years. The potential is staggering.

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